Chellowdene review: Sydney Morning Herald, April 19 2010

by admin on 19 April 2010

Review by John Shand, SMH Metro Friday 19 2010
4/5 stars

Were the Vampires a drink they’d be a fizzy one. Not only is there refreshing air around every note, but this air seems to be rising. It helps that the rhythms are often rooted in reggae, with all the space that implies in Alex Boneham’s bass parts and Alex Masso’s drumming. Much of the effect, however, is due directly to the sounds and lines of trumpeter Nick Garbett and alto saxophonist Jeremy Rose, who are ideally matched in their ability to interweave cheerfulness and fragility. when they want the sound fattened, they add trombonist Shannon Barnett; denser bead to those rising bubbles, Fabian Hevia joins on percussion. A delight.


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