“The Vampires’ music blended everything from hints of soul to tinges of the Balkans, a taste of African and Jamaican influences and, of course, a liberal heaping of jazz-centric interplay for a distinctive gumbo that was more eminently accessible, grooved harder and, through clever arrangements for the two horns, created a bigger sound than might have seemed otherwise possible.” John Kelman, All About Jazz

“They strike me as a band uniquely placed to appeal not just to serious jazz listeners, (because their credentials in that regard are flawless) but also, with their easy-going vibe and groovy accessibility which effortlessly crosses cultural barriers, to be an absolute must-have for festivals anywhere in the world.” – Lloyd Swanton, The Necks

Tiro (Earshift Music/MGM)The Vampires_Tiro

4stars4/5 stars

‘…The frontline duo sound of brass and reeds remains and their melodic integrity is strong, combined with originality and musical narrative. However there are a couple of difference: some new rhythms are explored and, in addition to alto, Rose plays tenor and soprano sax as well as clarinet, while Garbett adds flugelhorn to trumpet and Alex Boneham uses acoustic and electric bass… This album is a worthy addition to the growing collection of engaging Vampires compositions, played with individual flair.’ The Australian October 5 2013 | Read the full review>

‘…A dubby fanfare from Jeremy Rose and Nick Garbett and we are off into the new Vampires album, Tiro – into that unique Vampires place where Ornette Coleman jams at Black Ark, while New York traffic snarls by outside and Bondi surf laps at our (tapping) toes…. Overall Tiro is more blues, more downbeat and definitely more truly beautiful than Garfish. It is a leap, horizontally and vertically, from that 2012 album. The band and the compositions widening and deepening as any great band does as it evolves. Australian jazz October 31 2013 | Read the full review>

Live Review

‘…The quartet, adding bass and drums to brass and reeds has a uniquely original sound of melodic integrity and a strong musical narrative…Each member is an expert soloist with the emphasis on the front line where Garbett’s high register smears and ligthing runs were complemented by Rose’s insightful inventions. The Advertiser October 15 2013 | Read the full review>

Garfish (Earshift/Fuse)

4stars4/5 stars

‘…a fine addition to the Vampires’ collection of evolving originality.’ The Australian March 24-25 2012  | Read the full review >

‘…will have you shaking your ass while bright jungle flowers grow between your ears.’  The Orange Press March 28 2012 | Read the full review >


Chellowdene (Earshift/Fuse)

4stars Chellowdene cover4/5 stars

‘…verve, high ability and inspiration, The Vampires have produced another distinguished album.’  The Australian April 3-4 2010 | Read the full review >

4stars4/5 stars
‘… refreshing air around every note. A delight.’ Sydney Morning Herald Metro Friday 19 2010 | Read the full review >


South Coasting (Jazzgroove)

South-Coasting-cover‘…Latin and reggae beats teased by a superb double bass and drums team… wit, soulful melody and invention…’ Sydney Morning Herald  March 1, 2008 | read the full review >

‘This enjoyable debut delights in horn players adept in celebrating their instruments’ potential.’ Sunday Herald
, February 17 2008 | Read more >