Released on Earshift Music  7 October 2013The Vampires_TiroThe Vampires fourth studio album casts a wide net of influences but particularly draws from the band member’s travels including saxophonist Jeremy Rose’s musical studies in Greece and Cuba, trumpeter Nick Garbett’s travels to the Pacific island of Palau and Colombia, and bassist Alex Boneham’s year spent living in Rome  These diverse musical ‘postcards’ come together conceptually well. The album also features a debut for Jeremy on tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone and clarinet, as well as Alex Masso’s fine work on cajon and additional percussion.

$22 including postage

1. Mandala (Rose) | 2. Palau (Garbett) | 3. Tiro (Garbett) | 4. Pseudoscience (Rose) | 5. Beautiful Decay (Rose) | 6. Tiro (Tanuki Remix) | 7. Zen Cowboy (Rose) | 8. Agios Lavrentios (Rose) | 9. Colombiana (Garbett) | 10. Mandala (Tanuki remix) | 11. Brother Sykes (Garbett)

Total Playing time: 59:35


Released on Earshift Music 23 March 2012

Garfish coverThe Vampires developed much of the material on the Garfish album at the 2011 Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, Canada, directed by trumpeter Dave Douglas. The artwork comes from Haitian artist Andre Blaise, whose work was found through the art works for Haiti charity website. The album also sees the return of outstanding Chilean percussionist Fabian Hevia and trombonist Shannon Barnett.

$22 including postage

Track details:

1. Garfish (Garbett) | 2. Haiti (Rose) | 3. Strugglin’ (Rose) | 4. Less is More (Rose) | 5. Heston (Rose) | 6. Dragon Del Sur (Garbett) | 7. Antipodean Love Song (Rose) | 8. All I See (Rose) | 9. Life in the Fast Lane (Rose)

Total Playing time: 58:34


Recorded May 2009 and released on Earshift Records March 2010

Chellowdene coverThe title of their new CD, Chellowdene, is a reflection on the period when Jeremy and Nick lived in ‘Chellowdene’, Stanwell Park. The album also features former Chellowdene resident and outstanding percussionist Fabian Hevia, and artwork by another former Chellowdene resident Matt Bromhead. It’s all about Chellowdene! Chellowdene also welcomes back trombonist Shannon Barnett to select tracks

$22 including postage

Track details:

1. La Vida Dura (Garbett) | 2. Euro Schmarp (Garbett) | 3. Theres More to Life than Being a Vampire (Rose) | 4. Chellowdene (Rose) | 5. I Saw Blue Then White (Rose) | 6. Jump for Emma (Garbett) | 7. Red Head (Rose) | 8. El Franco (Rose) | 9. Balkan Dance (Rose)

Total Playing time: 47:40


Recorded August 2007 and released February 2008 on Jazzgroove Records

The Vampires debut CD features special guest trombonist from Melbourne, Shannon Barnett (Vada, Adnrea Kellar and Barney McCall)

$22 including postage

Track details:

1. Action Reaction (Rose) | 2. The Beating Sun (Rose) | 3. Vampires Vamp Sesh 06 (Garbett) | 4. Long Time (Garbett) | 5. Extinction (Rose) | 6. South Coasting (Garbett) | 7. Geo Jem (Garbett) | 8. Hole in the Sky (Rose) | 9. Mothers Dance (Rose) |  10. Happy Vamping (Majkowski) | 11. Melting River (Rose)